本网讯(留学生院助管团 谭畅)4月19日下午1点,沈阳城市学院2017环湖马拉松体育文化节在我校二期操场拉开帷幕,本次比赛赛程共计2.8公里,路线环绕我校一周,参与师生千人以上。留学生院三名留学生开心、聪裕和周世严积极参与比赛,其中,周世严同学表现突出并取得了体育俱乐部男生组第四名的优异成绩。





The Net ( The Student Association , Tan Chang ) At 1:00 p.m. on April 19th, 2017 Shenyang City University Lake Marathon Sports Culture Festival was held in our school playground. The total length was 2.8 kilometers and the route was around our school. Thousands of teachers and students took part in it. Three students from the International School actively participated in the competition. They are Happy, Cong Yu and Zhou Shiyan. Zhou Shiyan performed outstandingly and won the forth place of the boys group. 

At 1:00 p.m., every participant arrived at the venue early. Then, the solemn atmosphere became relaxed after cheer from ten art groups such as chorus, orchestra and dance troupe. Three participants from the International School were all eager to try. They did the preparation for the competition. At 1:20 p.m., the starting gun rang out and marathon runners from every School started the long journey. Participants from the International School were in fine fig and were full of flight. They went all out at the start of the competition and ran at full speed towards the destination. 

The participants raced each other so the process of the competition was abnormally exciting. There were many teachers and students from sports clubs on both sides of the track cheering for participants. Finally, after the fierce competition, three international students pasted the final line one after another. Zhou Shiyan won the forth place of the boys group in a round of applause and cheers.

It was said that Zhou Shiyan had won the first place of the Shenyang Aerospace University 5000 meters marathon. Though he just registered in the morning that day, he actively participated in the competition without preparation as soon as he heard the news of marathon. He said if he could have the chance to train two times, he could get a better ranking. 


During this marathon, participants from the International School tenaciously strove to success and challenged the limits of their physical strength and perseverance. They showed the enterprising and brave spirit of international students from the International School. We hope that international students in our school will actively participate in various sports activities held by our school. International students will athlete combatant spirit in the future life and study as usual and achieve excellent results again.