S沈阳城市学院毕业季||我院留学生添彩毕业典礼Shenyang City University Graduation Season||Students in the International School Added Luster to the Graduation Ceremony.2017-06-30

  本网讯(留学生院助管团 谭畅)6月21日下午四点整,沈阳城市学院毕业生毕业典礼暨毕业生欢送酒会于白卿宫前隆重开幕。据统计,2017届毕业生总数为2304人;其中,留学生院有两名留学生顺利毕业,获得毕业证和学位证;分别为来自也门的萨利姆(SALEM)和来自坦桑尼亚的菲利普(PHILLIP)。在毕业典礼中,我院留学生为全校师生献上了精彩的歌舞表演,为毕业典礼增添了一抹亮色。  




  The Net(the students association, Tan Chang) At 16:00 p.m.on June 21st, the graduation ceremony of Shenyang City University, which was also known as the graduation farewell party of Shenyang City University was solemnly opened in front of the Bai Qing Palace. According to statistics, Total number of graduates in 2017 was 2304; Among them, there were two students in the international school graduated successfully and got diplomas and degree certificates; They were respectively SALEM from Yemen and PHILLIP from Tanzania. During the graduation ceremony, the international students presented wonderful song and dance performances for the whole school, which added a bright light to the graduation ceremony.

  The graduation ceremony was divided into certificates and theatrical performances. First of all, the chairman of the school board Xu Weihao, the headmaster Yu Cunlei, the secretary of the party committee Sun Yongxin and other school leaders conferred honorary certificate, diplomas and degree certificates to our school’s 46 outstanding graduates in Liaoning. Then they conferred   diplomas and degree certificates to graduates in 2017. The diplomas and degree certificates of two graduates from our school were conferred by the headmaster Yu Cunlei.

  the theatrical performance was officially started after the graduation certificate was conferred . The international students sang a song "Liu Liu De Ta". Their solid language skills aroused enthusiastic cheers from audiences; Later, the African traditional dance performed by the students ignited the scene atmosphere. Audiences were attracted by the rich exotic atmosphere and felt the enthusiasm of the students. After the performance, Mannie represented the international students to express the collective aspirations: "We love China, we love Shenyang City University. I wish Shenyang City University will be better tomorrow." What he said was full of love for Alma Mater and blessings for graduates. Finally, as the shutter rang, all the gratitude, dismay, blessing and longing were fixed in a flash, and the graduation ceremony was successfully concluded.

  Every summer will be divided into two parts, the first half of summer is graduation, and the other half is a new start in youth. Here, we wish our graduates will keep our school motto in mind and adhere to the fine tradition of the school. We also wish them will  brave winds and waves with the beautiful memories of the university and all the blessings of teachers and students!