1.  材料:本人护照,租房合同合同(校外居住),2张护照照片。若已向办公室交过照片的同学带,则带照片以外的材料即可。若为新生,则只带本人护照。;

2.  请于A4别墅留学生院办公室填写《2016-2017第二学年留学生注册登记表》;

3.  时间:1028,星期五,14:00-16:00

4. 请自行带笔;

5. 注册后,学分开始生效的。如果未向留学生院办公室请假无故不来者(无请假条),按《沈阳城市学院留学生手册》相关规定处理。注册将举行两次,第二次将另行通知。若两次  均预期不来者,则按自动退学处理。

6. 若请假不能按时到场,则请发送电子邮件(wangyifansylg@163.com) 告知原因,并提供本人护照号,姓名和电话。若老师未收到任何请假信息,则按自动退学处理。 






Dear International Students:

All the studentsincluded new studentswill do the registration each semester

1.          Please bring your passport, your contract with your landlord(if you living outside),and 2 pieces of passport photos. If you ready submitted photos to office, just bring upsets.

2.          If you are new students, just bring your passport.

3.          Go to A4 office to fill in the term registration form.

4.          Time: 28th Oct, Friday,14:00-16:00

5.          Bring your pen to fill in the form.

6.          After registration, your credits of this term is valid. If you fail to return on time without asking for permission in advance, you will be punished for absence without asking for leave. Registration will hold twice ,the second time will be further notice. If anyone delays all, he will be automatically considered withdrawn from the university. 

7.          If you cannot come on time, please send the email(wangyifansylg@163.com) to tell the reason and provide your passport ,name and telephone . If teachers did not receive any excuse from who did not come for Registration, they will be automatically considered withdrawn from the university.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             International School